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What is a REALTOR

People to People
Realtor REALTOR® and Sales Associates do much more than just list and show homes. They spend many hours in training sessions and continuing education studies. This allows them to offer their clients the most up-to-date information on financing, negotiation current market activity and current market trends. They also spend many hours holding open houses and marketing properties as well as finding just the right homes for their clients who are looking to buy.

All of this, and much more, is done to build a personal reputation for efficient, friendly, professional service. Each associate's success depends on referrals, recommendations and repeat business from their clients.

The Coldwell Banker McMahan Real Estate Sales Associate you choose to work with strives to earn your loyalty. He/she can give you information about any property on the market regardless of which company's sign is in the yard. You only need one Realtor to help you find the perfect home!

Your REALTOR® is Self-Employed
Everything is A La Carte! Sales Associates do not receive a salary, health benefits, a pension, a company car, expense account, etc. Further, the Sales Associate must also pay license fees, monthly Multiple Listing Service fees and membership dues in local, state, and National Realtor® Associations.

How Associates Get Paid
Sales Associates do not receive any money until after the sale has been closed. At the time of closing, the real estate brokerage fee is deducted from the seller's proceeds. It is then divided between the listing and selling Companies. Each Company then splits the brokerage fee with the Sales Associates.

Every Sales Associate puts in many, many hours of service to find each Buyer the perfect home and each Seller the perfect Buyer. It is only after all the work has been completed to the satisfaction of everyone involved that the Sales Associate gets paid for his/her efforts.

Each member of the Coldwell Banker McMahan Real Estate family is committed to providing each client (past, present and future) the very best service. They each give personal attention and possess the professionalism, integrity and expertise you've come to look forward to when you contact Coldwell Banker McMahan Real Estate.